Meet the makers

  • A Tea Leaf Jewelry

    Alissa is the creator behind, A Tea Leaf Jewelry, modern and affordable jewelry. Inspired by nature and vintage design like Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Her latest and most popular collection is cut-out brass necklaces and earrings that to combine her background in graphic design and illustration with her love for jewelry.

    All the magic happens in the Pacific Northwest with the help of her husband Justin, and friends Abigail and Karen.


  • Andre Royal Jr.

    Andre Royal Jr is an award winning illustrator and multimedia freelance artist who's accolades span from California to Oregon, where he currently resides.

    His mediums range from pen and ink to creating custom woodworking art, ceramics and various painting techniques.


  • Andre Royal

    California native, Influencer, Author & Creative Chef. Andre currently resides in the Pacific Northwest. Father of 3 who is passionate about literary arts and advocacy. Bringing community together through artistry and creativity is the goal.


  • Auntie B's Rooted Life

    Becky was born and raised in Eugene, OR. She is super passionate about creating and growing, both personally and actual things in the ground. She is Italian, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Arapaho, French, English, and a smattering of other cultural identities. It is from her exploration of those cultures and love of nature that she draws her beadwork inspiration.


  • Bhang-Tiez

    Jana Banana creates Eco Hemp Macrame accessories for plants, pets, people and more! She is inspired by sustainability and the natural world, and loves giving plants a place to hang out in and around our homes. Using hemp twine and as many upcycled beads & findings as she can find is a top priority.


  • Citizen Ruth

    Citizen Ruth is an ethics forward company providing high quality intersectional art, books, clothing, jewelry, and personal home accessories. Citizen Ruth directly supports over 250 female, queer, and marginalized artists and makers from all over the world. All Citizen Ruth branded products are proudly crafted in Portland, Oregon.


  • Conscious Ink

    Frank Giata, founder of Conscious Ink, is dedicated to creating innovative tools that support people (including himself) to wake up, live consciously, and enthusiastically love the life we live. Frank invented an entire new category for temporary tattoos, geared at adults in a meaningful way.


  • Dayna Law Photography

    Living in beautiful Florence, Oregon, Dayna loves to travel throughout the state with camera in hand and trusty sidekick, Bloo, by their side. A background from the Art Institute of Alanta allows Dayna to create many different ways to share the wonder of the Pacific Northwest.


  • Dusty Rose Bodega

    Dusty Rose is a Cuban American women-owned business. They love creating, being creative, and creating fun things. All products are imagined and created in Portland, Oregon, and are made to order.


  • Egg Press Manufacturing

    A female owned and operated letterpress manufacturer in Portland, Oregon. They print and distribute for 4 distinct brands; Egg Press, Press for Change, Hello! Lucky, and Ashkahn.


  • Fireborn Jewelry

    Elizabeth MacKenzie started Fireborn Jewelry in 2015. Inspired and influenced by the land she lives on in the Pacific Northwest and her love for wandering in nature. Each piece is silver smithed by hand using carefully selected materials and is intended to reflect the enchantment and sorrow found in the depth of the forest.


  • Harlow Jewelry

    Named after her daughter, Olivia Harlow, Ruthie Crawford loves making pretty things that make people feel happy. She primarily works with women-owned small business and values being able to offer jewelry that is beautiful, affordable, and handcrafted. A portion of all proceeds are donated to support and empower women and minorities.


  • Honest Herbals

    Jack is a California native, animal lover, and an indigenous herbalist. He opened Honest Herbals in 2019 with a focus on using organic and sustainable sourced ingredients. All products are crafted intentionall and made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. The hand-rolled incense sticks are a customer favorite due to their unique ability to adapt to the energy the user wants to amplify.


  • Indra Hunter

    Born and raised in the enchanting realm of the Pacific Northwest, Indra often traveled with her family where her stories became her constant companions. She strives to entertain, delight, and comfort others through humor and fantasy. Whenever possible she uses sustainable, ethical, locally produced materials, or upcycling materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill, to create her works of art.


  • Jacobsen Salt Co.

    Founded in 2011, Jacobsen Salt Co. is the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since the 1800s. Harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast, their pure flake and kosher salts are a reflection of this bay and an attentive 2.5 week-long process. A crystallization of craft and care that brings out the best in every dish.


  • Jade O Art

    Jade Obrebski is a Eugene-based graphic artist, whose art is loud, proud, and unabashedly trans. In the past she's designed art for podcasts, YouTube channels, and sold her art online to raise money for queer and trans organizations in Oregon. She likes to meditate in nature, is obsessed with her house plants, and loves listening to podcasts.


  • Kelly's Jelly

    Kelly's Jelly is a family-owned, woman-runned specialty food producer that effortlessly blends tradition with a modern taste esthetic to deliver small-batch premium pepper jellies, and sweet preserves. Using only natural ingredients sourced from producers who represent the best of their local production.


  • Kreated by Kleist

    Megan is a self-taught, commission based watercolor/mixed media artist trying to make a living doing what she loves. If she can make someone fall in love with her art they will be able to see the beauty of what the world has to offer and how important it is to take care of our home.


  • LelaSky

    Lela Ross is the owner of LelaSky LLC, providing healing services and handmade products in Eugene, Oregon. Lela brings her ancestral and cultural lineage and lens, to her healing practice and in the creation of her products. She is also inspired by and guided by Mother Earth, her helping spirits team, ancestors, and the magic of alchemy and ultimately the source of all creation.


  • Lemmon Kissed

    Shauna makes jewelry that's been Lemon Kissed, sweet with an unexpected twist. Lemon Kissed jewelry is not mass-produced ensuring every piece is as unique and special as the lovely peolple she makes it for. She is on a mission to make the world a happier place, even if it's just a little corner of this wild world.


  • Letterpress PDX

    Letterpress PDX is a woman-owned print studio in Portland, Oregon. Using over 4 tons of antique letterpress equipment they produce their own line of greeting cards and paper goods as well as custom printing projects for clients. All products are printed in-house and by hand.


  • Little Yellow Leaf

    Christina Thompson is the owner and founder of the, Little Yellow Leaf shop, based in Eugene, Oregon. She started the company in 2021 with big dreams to help promote women's empowerment and self-love on a national scale. She has created a product line to encourage women to bravely fight against negativity and recognize how much power they have.


  • Marley's Monsters

    Marley's Monsters launched in January of 2013. While on maternity leave, awaiting the arrival of her first child, Sarah Dooley wanted to make something special before she was born. So she pulled out her dusty sewing machine and created a stuffed moster doll out of fabric scraps she'd collected for years. The monster doll was the catalyst that inspired Sarah to make Marley everything she needed, with reusability and sustainability in mind.


  • Microcosm Publishing

    Microcosm Publishing was founded in 1996 and over the years has developed a reputation for teaching self-empowerment, showing hidded histories and fostering creativity. Microcosm continues to challenge conventional publising wisdom, influencing other publishers large and small with books and bookettes about DIY skills, food, zines, and art.


  • Middle Fork Lavender

    Five years ago, after their daughter started college, Cheryl and her husband moved to Oakridge, Oregon and bought 3 acres of land along the Middle Fork of the Willamette river. On a whim they planted 250 lavender plants to see if they would grow. They now have a sweet lavender patch that is exceding all their expectations! She is also learning the joys and pitfalls of beekeeping and has started to produce honey.


  • Nomads and Settlers

    Nomads and Settlers was created by , Antonia Miano, who has a degree in Natural Medicine, and is a Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Acupunturist and Nutrition Consultant. Their products are vegan, not tested on animals, and sustainably harvested. They strive to support wellness, comfort, and spiritual growth by providing tools for everyone.


  • Nourish 222 Flourish

    Nourish 222 Flourish was created to share the journey of finding comfort in our body, our home away from social constructs and confinement. Every piece is hand-crafted with the intention to empower and ground you back into the comfort of your own skin. Each emblem is made with responsibly sourced non-tarnish gold or silver-platted copper-filled wire and crystals.


  • PlantsNsht

    Nicole is just another elder millennial who is obsessed with her plants. She also creates trellises, propagation stations, and other houseplant accessories for people who love plants. When not working in her home studio you can find her on one of the many hiking trails around Eugene, exploring nature with her family, or watering her large collection of houseplants.


  • Qiqi Naturals

    Ki Ki is a holistic esthetician who specializes in Gua Sha facials, and is passionate about crystals, Reiki, and herbs. She has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years and has gained a vast amount of knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy along the way. She hopes that her creations can inspire you to feel more beautiful, made with natural ingredients that feel good on your skin and truly work!


  • Rhapso Stitch Co.

    Bella runs Rhapso Stitch Co. in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. She can often be found in local cafes or parks working on her latest cross-stitch project. She enjoys creating modern cross-stitched designs as well as fun sewn creations. Whether you want a snarky TV reference or you want to match with your precious pet, she has got you covered.


  • Rooted Remedies

    Portland native, Kassaundra, has been studying herbalism for many years. She offers herbal consultations and creates ethically wildcrafted herbal products for self-care. Each product is carefully formulated to holistically support wellness and vitality. Her remedies include herbal tinctures, teas, and whole-plant aroma rollers.


  • Salty Raven

    Seasons Kaz Sparks creates high-quality, super-soft, screen-printed graphic tees, hand sewn accessories, glassware, and gifts featuring her artwork. Her Seasons K Designs line began as a T-shirt line in 2008, and features minimalist images inspired by her favorite architecture, locations, and nature. The line now includes a large selection of glassware, accessories, temporary tattoos, magnets, and stickers.


  • Saressa Designs

    Classic and modern are beautifully balanced with each piece from Daressa Designs. Self-taught designer, Rachel Hughes, creates a striking line of handcrafted jewelry that is trendsetting and timeless. Each piece is handcrafted by Rachel in her Oregon-based studio.


  • SNOWmade

    SNOWmade are makers of handmade gifts and paper products. Designed and produced in Portland, OR, their products are often witty, sometimes heartfelt, and occasionally offensive. They utilize hand-drawn illustration and text along with a laser cutter to create thoughtful keepsakes that serve as everyday reminders that we are all human, and we all need to stay connected.


  • Swahili African Modern

    Swahili African Modern is a fair-trade company working directly with artisans in Africa to bring you handcrafted baskets, decor, and gifts since 1995. They are proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Their warehouse and offices are located in Eugene, OR, with a team of about 20 employees. They work with a network of hundreds of artisan partners spanning 13 African nations.


  • The Timbered Wolf

    Based in Eugene, Oregon, The Timbered Wolf began as a creative answer to Christopher Dean's love of trees. He designs and builds aesthetically challenging small-batch cutting boards and furniture, largely inspired by Cubist visuals from painters like, Picasso.


  • Transplant Daddy

    Elliot is a trans man with a passion for houseplants. Through much research he discovered what nutrients plants need and how to care for them. He translates this knowledge through his soil, each batch crafted to give everything a plant needs to thrive. He hopes all his soils will help all plant parents, especially those just starting out. Houseplants are for everyone, whether you have a green thumb or not!


  • Twin Ravens Press

    Founded in 2007 by graphic designer and printmaker, Kristin Walker, Twin Ravens Press strives to create beautiful and memorable letterpress invitations for a variety of events. Including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, showers, parties, and other special events. Announcements, compelling and unique business and personal stationary, fabulous greeting cards, calendars, and more!


  • Wax and Wane

    Founded in 2015 by Hannah Turner, Wax and Wane candles originally was a way for Hanna to pay homage to her beloved home of the Pacific Northwest, during a particularly harsh NYC winter. Since then she has moved back to Oregon and all of their her scents are still carefully curated and inspired by the great outdoors. Every candle is hand-poured and mixed in small batches.


  • Wild Child Brand

    Wild Child Brand was born out of a love for exploration and 70s nostalgia. They create travel souvenirs, stickers, and paper goods that have a little whimsy, a little retro, and a whole lot of adventure! The owner and face behind the brand is Rieke Jenson. She currently lives in Eugene, Oregon.


  • Yo Soy Candles

    Yo Soy Candle is a one-woman owned small business that was created with a full heart and big intentions. Their mission is to offer clean burning, non-toxic and eco-conscious candles with a unique element that encourages self-empowerment and transformation through affirmations. Founder, Leslie Abrams, makes all products in house, prints, and ships from her workshop in NE, Portland. If you are looking for the real deal of small batches + woman-owned, you've found it!


  • Hip-o Modern Living

    Women owned, Hip-o Modern Living is a company whose goal is to bring products to market that have as little impact as possible on the environment, while improving the lives of artisans who produce them. They are very proud to offer beautifully crafted wood items that not only support the community that handcrafts them, but are sourced completely from wook that would otherwise be destroyed.


  • Dragonfly DayDream

    Handcrafted in Portland, OR. Dragonfly DayDream creates whimsically sophisticated soaps & bath products for the eco-conscious individual. Our products are handcrafted in small batches using unique fragrances that will captivate your senses. Whimsical yet sophisticated... Beautiful color, design, and uniquely blended fragrances will delight your senses. Our bath and body products are sophisticated enough for the eco-conscious individual using earth-friendly and skin-loving ingredients. Dragonfly DayDream strives to make the world a better place.


  • Organic X Oddities

    When a few of her friends and family managed to kill their supposedly indestructible air plants, Cameo wanted to help both the plants and the people. From there Organics x Oddities launched its first product: Air Plant Nourishing Spray. Her appreciation for plants furthered her drive to increase her plant care line, which now includes an Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer Spray and an Organic Indoor Plant Pest Control Spray. Her botanical line has embraced botanical décor with unique handmade holders to display air plants, succulents and cacti. They come in resin, terracotta, ceramic, and wood.


  • Tender Loving Empire

    Tender Loving Empire curates a collection of handmade goods and music from hundreds of independent makers and musicians for people who want to support their creative community, surround themselves with beauty and live wholehearted. Your choice to support Tender Loving Empire is a choice to support hundreds of small businesses. Together we can make our communities more vibrant, creative, compassionate and connected.


  • pear hazelnut fruit spread

    Oregon Growers

    In 2003, Oregon Growers Founder Dave Gee set out to capture the bounty of the Hood River Valley. Working directly with local farms and orchards, we began creating delicious jams, fruit butters and other farm-fresh food products that showcase and promote the hard work of our area growers. We are proud to make, market and distribute what we call Farm Direct Specialty Foods ® straight from the Pacific Northwest to you, our larger community. We hope you can taste this special place in each of our products.


  • woman standing in front of tractor

    Hazelnut Hill Farm

    Hello! We are the Hendersons — Ryan and Rachel. We own and operate Hazelnut Hill, which is located in the fertile Willamette Valley just north of Eugene, Oregon. In 2016, we added a commercial confectionary and the top-notch roasting equipment that took us from just trees, to making tree-to-table products. All hazelnuts are grown on our 400 acres. Each order is roasted on demand, and candy is handmade in our professional kitchen. Rachel tests and develops all recipes – always in search of fresh, mouth-watering combinations of hazelnuts and chocolate. This tree-to-table approach provides Hazelnut Hill customers with high-quality, delicious nut-based products with a full chain of control that assures source, sustainability and consistency.


  • portland bee balm container

    Portland Bee Balm

    We only make lip balms and focus on doing this one thing very well. Every aspect of the process from ingredient sourcing to packaging and displays is carefully considered, with an abundance of attention to detail. It was Brad’s love of bees, woodworking, and his wife Anika that seeded the existence of Portland Bee Balm. Anika was searching for a more natural, effective lip balm, and Brad was keeping bees and Portland Bee Balm was born. Lip balm is all we do. Undistracted by a huge line of products, our small team is passionate about delivering the highest quality lip balm.


  • WhitePaigeBlackInk

    I am a self taught artist and started my business after my passion for drawing and creating art. I live in the Pacific Northwest and draw a lot of my inspiration from the outdoors and current social events. I love being able to share my art with people all over the world and love getting to grow my business each and everyday.


  • tombumble nutty bar

    Oregon Bark

    Oregon Bark candies are small-batch, handmade confections that embody the qualities of specialty food. Our simple and elemental recipes, made from nuts and nut butters, cane sugar, and sea salt are hand-swirled into a distinctive candy-flake base and enrobed in organic, fair-trade chocolate. Packaged in artfully designed boxes using environmentally friendly materials, our products appeal to a wide—and growing—customer base.


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  • Oregon Tea Traders

    Tea is a way of life for Oregon Tea Traders owner Angela McDonald and her family. "Promoting tea is my way of promoting a better world" Her passion does not stop at simply drinking tea, she also explores and teaches about the world of tea through science, cultural traditions, health, and history. Her love of local agriculture has led to growing tea in her home of Oregon as well as working to encourage the domestically grown tea industry. She has proudly developed Oregon Tea Traders into a business that shares her love of community, health, and sustainability.


  • three mushroom stickers

    Graphic Heart

    Graphic Heart is a boutique design and digital studio. We started producing stickers, pins, and paper products with our original artwork in 2020. We believe in spreading beautiful images and positive messages. A little something to brighten your day and share with your customers. We’re so happy you found us. Keep in touch!


  • Landmarks Unlimited

    My name is Wesley Ballew and I reside in Portland, Oregon. My love of travel and exploration lead me to create Landmarks Unlimited and its mission is simply to create elevated travel gifts and collectibles for the modern explorer seeking distinctive statement pieces. My brand is focused on travel gifts and collectibles that consumers want to showcase in their home and proudly display.


  • Rooting For You Plant Nursery

    Rooting For You Plant Nursery is a licensed Oregon Nursery specializing in custom potting mixes for tropical indoor plants, Cactus and Succulents!


  • fruit vegetable plant jewelry

    Plant Posse

    We're a posse of plant-powered people producing art promoting plant pride! Let's celebrate the plant and fungi kingdom! Our screen-printed vinyl stickers are waterproof, U-V protected and a top seller! We have new sustainable greeting cards on 100% recycled paper, in clear plant-based compostable sleeves. Our Produce and Plant Prayer Flags are unique, affordable home/office decor gifts, our totes are on recycled canvas and we have fun T-shirts, and always coming out with new products and designs! We are proud partners with 1% For The Planet. 1% of all sales are donated to EcoHealth Alliance--a nonprofit helping prevent future pandemics, and helping with wildlife conservation--protecting our planet, animals and humans alike.


  • pride pins

    Quasar Digital

    Daniel Quasar is a multi-disciplinary designer, artist, and musician out of Portland, OR. Their work has been featured around the world but before any of that, they were just a simple freelance designer trying to make interesting things. quasar·digital started as the face for designer Daniel Quasar’s freelance design and art projects. In June 2018 during a night of insomnia-induced art-making, they created the Progress Pride Flag, which followed in viral posts, a Kickstarter campaign, and lots and lots and LOTS of discussion. Now quasar·digital has expanded into an art business, centered around creating works that are distinct, powerful, and fun.


  • Victory Garden of Tomorrow

    Garden Signs for "The Victory Garden of Tomorrow" are designed to engage our neighbors and increase attention toward the health, vitality and enjoyment of outdoor spaces. A sign activates an outdoor space with meaning and purpose. This collection of work is by Joe Wirtheim Design, and made in Portland, Oregon.


  • BearFox Designs

    BearFox Designs is a Husband and Wife Team who loves designing and creating new art pieces in multiple mediums. We started BearFox Designs to create some amazing products that we share with some amazing people. Customer service and quality products are important in any business. That's why we personally test all of the products. If we didn't like the end result, we certainly wouldn't sell it.


  • three confetti fountains

    TOPS Malibu

    Our product is designed in Hawaii and California, handmade in our Oregon warehouse for over 35 years. In the 1980's TOPS Gallery was born in Malibu- a store of unusual functional art. Wishing to design my own product, the fleeting thought came in the bathtub -a candle with a fortune capsule with message, charms and gems hidden inside. We named them Good Fortune Candles®. All fortunes pertained to following your intuition and watch the wonderful doors that open for you. Follow your heart. Stay out of your own way. Word spread quickly. We loved hearing our customers stories of growth and connection. TOPS Malibu has continued to boom through serendipity, surprise, spontaneity, and creating lasting memories.


  • RusTek Collective

    Sustainably designed with nature in mind -- two trees planted for every item sold! We are two brothers making the next generation of natural outdoor lifestyle goods. Bringing together sustainable natural materials, cutting edge technology and precision hand craftsmanship we seek to bring the beauty of nature back into everyday life, and do our part to save the planet from the effects of climate change and deforestation with planet positive products. We are uncompromising on quality and innovation, and insist that each product that leaves our shop challenges what is possible with natural materials in ways that surprise and delight, and are unparalleled in fit and finish. Our laser cutting woodshop is built into a 20' tow behind trailer that can be operated off the grid for weeks at a time, deep in the mountains or in our home city of Portland, OR.


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