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Bar to Cook

Bar to Cook Sauces

Bar to Cook Sauces

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Indian Flavor: Bring on wonderful flavours of curry, turmeric and ginger when cooking with the Indian Bar to Cook. These tasty and energizing ingredients will enhance your simplest stews to transform them into real chef's recipes. Your classic butter chicken, lentil dahl or curry coconut milk soup will delight the taste buds of the whole family. To lovers of spicy cuisine, this bar will delight you.

Morroccan Flavor: Discover rich and comforting flavours of preserved lemon, cumin, paprika that will immediately transport you to the heart of the medina of Marrakech! Turn your classic chicken stew into an exceptional Olives Tagine in 20 minutes only. Other recipes: Moroccan Harira soup, cooked chatchouka salad, charmoula potatoes with preserved lemon & much more... To lovers of spicy cuisine, this bar will delight you.

Spanish Flavor: Take off for Spain with the Spanish Bar to Cook. Guaranteed success for your paella recipe thanks to its delicate saffron taste. Gather around a beautiful table and share this tasty meal made in 20 minutes only. Many other recipes to impress your guests: saffron shrimps sauteed, vegetable rice, zarzuela seafood soup, Spanish chorizo and potato soup & much more.

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