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Wednesday Adams Embroidery Kit

Wednesday Adams Embroidery Kit

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These kits aren't for everyone, but they are perfect for who they were designed for: beginners, the easily frustrated, and those short on time. The maker of Holly Oddly has a mental illness, so she specifically designed these kits to be fun and simple. Because of their simplicity, She's passed those savings down by keeping the price an affordable $16, where most indie kits are $24.

Comes with: printed cloth pattern, needle, 4-inch wooden hoop, embroidery floss (color varies), and backer for hoop

Style of hoop and backer may vary depending of availability.  No plastic packaging here! Kits are placed in a paper window box. Since hoops are made of wood, some natural imperfections are normal.  Kits are not for children due to needle. 

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